The Spud

yellow oval potato

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Tatty, spud, and pomme de terre,
Earth apple, Murphy, powder pear.
Waxy, mushy, fluffy, floury,
Worth a young bride’s marriage dowry.

A versatile veg the potato
Chip it, squash it, squeeze it,
Crush it, crunch it, crisp it,
Peel it, slice it
Bake it, boil it,
Smash it, mash it, bash it,
Beat it, peel it,
Ply it, fry it,
Baste it, taste it,
Boil it, Broil it,
Roast it, toast it,
Bake it, fake it.

So, grow it or buy it,
But above all do try it.
Earth’s floury plum
Solanum tuberosum




Amen Corner

Amen Corner2

A house in which to end my days.
Goodbye it says to all,
For here at last I am content
Behind my garden wall.

The name I gave it says it all,
How still, at peace, and blessed,
How glad am I to know such joy,
To be by love possessed.

That final farewell anthem,
When it is heard at last,
Will sound around these humble walls
Where present meets the past.

For I have lived a life I loved,
Loved the path I’ve trod.
Amen was written on my heart
In this my House of God.

A Devon Cottage, England