A Just Ree-Member Rhyme

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A Just Ree-Member Rhyme

Coffs & Sneezes


Spread Dizeezes


So stem those Wheezes


That’s wot Pleezes




NOTE:   “Coughs and sneezes spread diseases” was a slogan first used in the United States during the 1918–20 influenza pandemic (“Spanish flu”), and later promoted by the United Kingdom’s (and New Zealand’s) Ministry of Health in 1942 to encourage good public hygiene and prevent the spread of the common coldinfluenza and other respiratory illnesses.  WIKIPEDIA



The Pandemic


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Once while the whole world was sleeping,
It lost sight of the goal it was seeking.
Came a dystopian event
It could not prevent,
Now all of its people are weeping.


Our hope for the future it lies
Not with prayers or good wishes or sighs,
But on finding a cure,
Or a vaccine that’s sure,
The whole world to revitalise.



Thoughts on COVID-19

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To catch coronavirus
I’m in no way desirous,
So please keep your distance
I’m all for resistance.

I ask you to stay
Two metres away;
Don’t invade my space,
I ask, just in case.

Just do as they say,
There is no other way;
Please don’t hesitate,
We must self-isolate.

I know it’s a bind,
And I think you will find,
It may be for weeks
Till this virus peaks.

And I’ll tell you moreover,
When all this is over,
The world will have changed,
Our whole lives rearranged.



Keep Away From Me


If I am going to quarantine
Myself, I’d like to know.
Tell me please, in confidence,
Where all of YOU will go.

‘Cos as I’m trying to be safe
I do not want to see
The likes of you and Josephine
Paying a call on me.

That would defeat my purpose
In shutting myself away;
Non-contact is the intention,
To keep the germs at bay.

You may say this is overkill,
But as I’m eighty-five,
I really wish a few more years
To keep myself alive.