Tuesday – ‘Take A Breather’

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An aphorism for each day, keeps the doctor away. Each day this week I am offering a common aphorism, some just slightly embellished – for good or ill.


Tuesday – ‘Take A Breather’


Take a breather,

Sit down – relax;

Consider your life,

Weigh up your options,


Take a breather,

Cover your tracks.

Plan ahead,

No wild concoctions.



On Incarceration

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

On Incarceration

Now shackled by government edict.

Banned from life’s open air,
No more a future to predict,
No more a life I can share.

Sent to my room to protect me,
Locked in my cage like a bird,
Yesterday only a memory,
Tomorrow has now been deferred.

Those plans I had for tomorrow,
Expectations I’d promised to meet,
Turned into today’s plangent sorrow
As into my shell I retreat.

As Touch becomes a scabrous word,
And washing hands a must,
My world’s become absurd,
As I’ve become nonplussed.