Knock-knock … Go Away

I struggle to find
The words I lack
Knock NOT at my door
Lest my door knock back

My house is sacrosanct
Do not disturb
Lest the Man From Porlock
Brings Writers’ Block
Invades my private place
and strangles you
With the intensity of his embrace

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A Polite Notice

Polite Notice1

Photo:  WHB … ‘No Parking’ – Devon 2019   ©

I beg your attention,
Please read and take note.
I kindly request,
And this you can quote:

That before you park here,
Leave your car and depart,
I ask that you notice,
Think of me, have a heart.

Allow me my right
To come and to go.
Do not box me in,
Do not cause me woe.

For if you ignore me
And fasten me in,
I may well take a hammer
And commit a great sin.