The Purpose To It All

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As I considered how my life was spent
How purposeful, how plotted
A sigh escaped me pleading to be heard
And as I sighed I felt the pain
Some twinge of inner turmoil
The pent up tension of all those years
Summation of a retreating life
Intent on seeking some resolution

For what had it been all about
What purpose behind the screen
How indistinct the clouded scene
However firm the frame
How difficult it had been

To keep the picture clean
How worthwhile now to try
For passing clouds will understand
More than I can see
But I trust that others will come to understand
More than has been gifted to me

The Way Ahead?

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The Way Ahead?

I need a purpose …
Or do I really need a purpose?

No purpose?
No destination.
No destination?
No structure.
No structure?
And then
I am told
Life is not worth the living.

And to live
I need rules,
Rules to live by.
My parents,my schools,
Both gave me rules;
Society, government,
Both give me rules
For I do need rules,
Rules to live by.

Religion gives me rules,
But so does superstition,
Wherein lies the difference?
For both rely on faith
On faith …
on Belief.

Belief …
or is it Credulity?