Cupid Curbed

Call me Cupid
catch my arrows
kiss me quick
then let me go
now a phony
feeling lonely
stitch me up
pity my woe

Watch me sigh
wither and cry
no more milk
of human kindness
no more joy
in joining hearts
as life crumbles
as it gets dark
now all my arrows
miss their mark

My wife Psyche
has let me know
that now at last
she has seen through me
cut me off
taken my bow
told the world she’s cottoned on
that I no longer sing its song

For time and covid
in cahoots
turned the tables
stopped my games
pulled my plug
left me bereft
no more playtime
no transgressions
canoodling killed
by lockdown’s laws
show me how I can continue
through the strictures
and the flaws

I’ve had enough
of covid’s rule
I’m being taken for a fool
I’ve parked my bow
in time’s sad bunker
I’ve been disturbed
my arrows curbed
so I’m retiring
going to grass
no more point
in joining hearts
I’m off to milder sunnier parts

Deo Volente


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Cometh the day
Cometh the ban
Yet another deprivation
Another death for motivation
Covid Nine still running wild
Meaning for us
Nothing good
Nothing mild
Just another tight restriction
This is now life
It is not fiction

I tell my family they cannot come
They are not surprised
They do not blanche
Just another faded chance
Not something else to life enhance

Will I one day
Look back and say
When this black cloud has blown away
I lived through covid
Took its measure
Saw it off
Without a cough
Survived to tell new generations
How grandad lived through such privations
Knuckled down
Obeyed the rules
Derided all those other fools
Who didn’t care
Who took it easy
Yet also lived to tell the tale

I can’t help but think
With a nod and a wink
Life’s still worth living
D. V. – God Willing.