A Gallery of my sketches of notable scenes related to one of the two National Parks in Great Britain’s largest county of Yorkshire. It is where I grew up and where I first experienced the riches of Britain’s glorious countryside.

Pen & Wash . . . WHB
Map of The North Yorkshire Moors

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Six Pen and Wash Sketches

I reproduce below six of my earlier pen and wash sketches – all my own interpretations of visited scenes from the British Isles

Caldey Island, Wales . . . WHB
An English Dawn . . . WHB
Exmouth, Devon . . . WHB
Glenfinnan, Scotland . . . WHB
Ludlow, Shropshire . . . WHB
Rydal Water, The Lake District . . . WHB

Bosham Revisited

The village of Bosham (pronounced ‘Bozzam’) in West Sussex is said to be where King Canute, in the early 11th century,  attempted to hold back the waves of the incoming sea.  He did not succeed, as in fact was his purpose in order to demonstrate to his gullible subjects that kings were not all-powerful.  No-one else, either before or after him (barring perhaps Moses) has succeeded either.

I first published an article on this small West Sussex coastal village on the 8th August. Here is a link to it  . . .      Bosham, Sussex, UK

In that blog, one of my very first, I included a number of my photographs of this charming and historic village.  Perhaps the major feature of the village is its delightful waterside setting with the Church of The Holy Trinity dominating the skyline.  I now add below 3 of my panoramic pen and wash sketches, in different styles, of this view from across the waters of the inlet of  Chichester Harbour on which Bosham is situated.





Lindisfarne Castle


Lindisfarne Castle viewed from Lindisfarne Priory . . . Photo … WHB  – 2008

Lindisfarne is the Anglo-Saxon name of the island off the North-East coast of England which is more generally know as Holy Island, or as ‘The Holy Island of Lindisfarne’.   It is a tidal island and is cut off from the mainland twice each day.  A paved causeway connects it with the mainland for a few hours at low tide.

For many centuries the island was subject to raids from marauding Vikings.  It became an important centre of Celtic Christianity, and the saints Aidan, Cuthbert, Eadffrith and Eadberht were prominent figures in its ecclesiastical history.  It was St Aidan, coming from Iona in Scotland, who founded the first Priory on the island in the 7th Century. This became the base for the spread of Christianity throughout the North of England.  St Aidan lived on the island until he died in 651.   The famous illuminated manuscript known as the Lindisfarne Gospels was created at the Priory during the early years of the 8th Century.

Perhaps the most prominent, if not the most significant, feature on the island is its castle, positioned on an outcrop of rock at the water’s edge.   Following the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII, it was built in 1550 in defence against attack by Scotland and their Spanish allies.  In the 19th Century, in private ownership, the castle was renovated by Arts and Crafts architect Edwin Lutyens, and a small but enchanting walled garden was created there by Gertrude Jekyll.

The idyllic location of the Castle has intrigued and inspired for centuries. The view from the top is truly magnificent.   The castle is now managed and maintained by the National Trust.



The Gallery below contains some of my own attempts to capture the unique nature and character of this fascinating place.   Click on any one of the images to open a slide show containing 3 of my photographs and 3 of my pen and wash sketches, all with a view of Lindisfarne Castle . . .









The sandman looms

long and low in the westerly sun

on the evening shore

treading his beach

with dedicated feet

an image hunter

heir of Autolycus


 for Nature’s hidden ornaments

probing with his stick

revealing the sand crabs

tempting the tide to turn

and wash away his presence

leaving no imprint

only a fleeting glance

a captured instant

of memory

of another world

arcane and mystical

beneath the sand

before the glimpse

releases him

and he moves on

into the dying day.


The Sandman was spotted on the beach beside Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland,UK, in 2003 … Photo and sketch …  WHB



Venetian Sunset – from Piazza San Marco … Pen & Wash … WHB … 2013


City of Islands
City of Dream
Inscribed with colour
Every scene

City of History
City of Deeds
Imbued with story
Every step

City of Passion
City of Pride
Engorged with fashion
Every stride

City of Clamour
City of Bells
Ringing with meaning
Every knell

City of Turmoil
City of Strife
Threaded with suffering
Every knife

City of Mansions
City of Shrines
Instilled with ardour
Every line

City of Titian
City of Art
Awash with beauty
Every part

City of Merchants
City of Trade
Echoed by Shakespeare
Every shade

City of Water
City of Mud
Sea taking over
Every flood

City of Magic
City of Spells
Present in each pile
Every shell

City of Revels
City of Fete
Carnivals rule life
Every date

City of Intrigue
City of Masks
Sophistry renews
Every task

City of Drama
City of Sin
Would I were there now
Let new life begin.


The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, from St Mark’s Square, Venice … WHB … 2013


Scotland in Pen & Wash

Another collection of my pen, ink and wash sketches    This time all are based on my various visits to the West Coast of Scotland.  Clicking on any one thumbnail picture will bring  up a slide show in a larger format.

The sketches, from top left are of:  Sunset over Castle Stalker, Argyll;  View across Loch Moidart to Castle Tioram;  Ailsa Craig in the outer Firth of Clyde;  Road To The Isles, Lochaber;  Sunset on Rannoch Moor;   Newton Stewart, Galloway;  Lamlash, Isle Of Arran;   Glen Lochranza, Isle Of Arran;   Castle Tiora, Loch Moidart. 

ART-icle #2 – Tour of the U.K.


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Over the years, I have travelled widely in England, Wales and Scotland.  I often make drawings of the places I visit.  From time to time, I draw in a stylised pen and wash method, using a (mostly) vertical hatching technique. … Continue reading