Why Do Humans Have To Die?

Photo by Buu011fra Dou011fan on Pexels.com

there is a far distant world
where the re-engineering

of each decaying life
is possible and exists
a parallel but altogether dissimilar world
one of unpressured existence
alien to our own experience of life
where the need to procreate
does not exist

at the point of that world
being brought into existence
an alternate logic simply decreed that
it was designed in a different way

for what is the logic
of there being a need to procreate
of the need for mortals to be mortal
why can’t the spirit of each dying body
within its given species
by migration into another form
just itself vacated by some restless consciousness
and then

by a designed re-birth as a reconstituted being
produce a revitalised life-form

thus the world’s population would remain stable
but then, at the point of creation
there would have been the necessity
to create a given number of entities
which could never change

no need to provide an urge to reproduce
coupled with
the necessary elimination
of death by chance
by accident
by disease
or by design
no impetus to passion or to lust
and so – no need to die
to waste away
only a moving on
a transmigration into another form

would that this cannot be so