My Bird Of Paradise        

When I awoke and drew the blinds
One bright and sunny day
A sight awaited my poor eyes
Which filled me with dismay.

When looking out my bedroom window
I’ve never before found
Something which has so puzzled me
It truly did astound.

Exotic birds do not frequent
My garden usually
But yesterday I gazed at one
Amazed – excusably.

Was it a bird of ill omen
Sent to cause me worry
I told myself, “I doubt that much,
At least not here in Surrey.”

Perhaps a Bird of Paradise
Had managed to break free
From its New Guinea jungle home
And come to delight me.

Maybe a Rainbow Lorikeet
Toucan or Golden Pheasant
Peacock or a Red Macaw
Sent here as a present.

I was quite mystified you see
Until this afternoon
The gardener came, looked up and said,
“It’s an escaped balloon.”

I was quite mortified to find
I had not recognised
My own discarded birthday gift.
… I’m so demoralised.

Photos: WHB – Surrey – 2016


After my attempt at a cinquaine in yesterday’s blog, I turn to another verse form, sounding rather similar but conforming to a different set of rules.

A Quinzaine is an un-rhymed verse of fifteen syllables. The word comes from the French word quinze, meaning fifteen. The syllables are distributed over three lines so that there are seven syllables in the first line, five in the second line, and three in the third line (7/5/3). The first line makes a statement. The next two lines ask a question relating to that statement. (From: Wikipedia).

Below are 4 of my attempts at a quinzaine, each related to one of my own photographs 



Cardiff Waterfront

Look! The sun is coming out.
Isn’t it home time?
Dog: Food time?


Coleridge’s ‘The Ancient Mariner’, Watchet Harbourside, Somerset

I just shot an albatross
Does that mean bad luck?
Isn’t life short?


Funeral Urn – Churchyard, Surrey

Resting place for my ashes.
Will I end up there?
Who can tell?


Stone Owl – Yorkshire

The owl is a wise old bird.
Does a stone one count?
Can he hoot?


The Sculpture Park

I attach below just a sample of some of the sculptures on view in this delightful hidden setting in England’s Surrey Hills.  In fact, my photographs were taken about ten years ago and since that time there have been considerable changes to both the venue and the artwork on display.  The setting is very atmospheric.  It lies in a steep-sided valley covered in trees and vegetation and dotted with pools, water gardens and water features.  Just wandering around the many pathways there is a delight, with unexpected positioning of sculptures popping  up at every turn of the many rambling paths to surprise and to appreciate.  Many well–known sculptors display their work there, all  in the open air often half-hidden amongst the undergrowth and bracken.  There are something like 800 exhibits scattered throughout this ten acre site amidst the many trees, lakes, and the natural wildlife of the area. In fair or in inclement weather a visit there is a guaranteed delight,

More can be discovered by visiting the park’s website at:

   The Sculpture Park, Churt, Farnham, Surrey

Click on any of the photographs above to view the sculpture in a larger format and to start a slide-show of them all.


Building Bridges


New bridge over the River Thames, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, U.K.


Aiding Access
Tying Terrains
 Serving  States
 Linking  Lovers 
Attaching Allies
Binding Borders 
Heralding Heroes
Binding Believers
Enabling Escapees
Nurturing Nations
Trading Trackways
Creating Comrades
Mending Marriages
Merging Merchants
Following Frontiers
Uniting Unbelievers
Delivering Destinies
Creating Conquerors

Allowing Assemblies 
Nourishing Networks
Connecting Countries
Exacerbating Enemies
Empowering Explorers
Engineering Encounters 

Inculcating Interrelations 
Combining Confederations
Constructing Concordances
Regenerating Relationships
Perpetuating Possessiveness

. . .   &, of course, … REKINDLING  RELATIONSHIPS !!!




Below  I have included a Photo Gallery of just a few BRIDGES which I have been inspired to photograph over the years.  The title of each one will appear as you hover the mouse over any single photograph.  Click on any one to see a slide-show of all of them.



Unconsidered Trifle #4. STOP!





“Too late I saw the sign.

I was texting at the time.

It’s going to cost me dear,

… I blame the weather here.”



Photographs taken in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, U.K. 2010   . . .  W.H.B.