In Memoriam: Lady Caroline Lamb

And contrary, I know
Moods swing as does the weather

Clouds they come and go
Coloured as is the Heather

For today
As every day
Is tempered by its season
I cannot but reflect its mood
With no rhyme or reason

For when the sun
Bursts through the clouds
Before those clouds return
My heart will leap
Before it sinks
As autumn browns the fern

NOTE:  ‘Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know’ was a phrase used to describe Lord Byron by his lover Lady Caroline Lamb.

Fever Pitch


Photo provided by Pexels



I was at fever pitch with fervour
Full of fire, desire and lust,
Expectant, hopeful and excited,
Self-contained, but only just.

Summer came, I was excited,
An end to rain and wind and snow;
Warmer weather does delight me,
I’m a sun-child, that I know.

But now the summer has arrived
I’m pleading that it will not last.
I’ve had enough of sweaty T-shirts,
Hoping it will soon have passed.

Hot and bothered by the weather,
Aching for a cooling breeze.
Can’t bear this heatwave any longer,
Send me wind and rain now please.