Without a Bang

That joyous word
Gone away
Now little heard

Oft I dwell
On my failed successes
Gone to ground now
With all those other
Of life’s excesses

Clamour ended
Without a racket
No more a habit

No more thunder
Don’t misbehave
Cause no stir
A quiet grave

No Commotion
Palaver none
No consternation
And mayhem gone

was once in fashion
Were then a passion

Have had their day
no more holds sway

And Imbroglio
All had to go

And Ruckus
All dead and gone
without much fuss

Donner und blitzen
Sturm und drang
Together ended
without a bang

Thus the world ends
While I whisper
Not with a bang
But with a whimper

With my grateful thanks to T. S. Eliot who assisted me with the last verse.

Night Murmurs

adult alone backlit black and white

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Night Murmurs


A whimper came to me at night,
A murmur soft as a dream.
It crept into my consciousness,
As would a silk moonbeam.

This phantom sound,
This covert cry,
Caused my heart to still;
It seemed to me
It had to be
More than just a sigh.

A threat,
A promise,
A pleading voice,
A start or a cessation?
A signal meant for me alone –
Oblation or Damnation?

I held my heart in readiness,
Wept when no guidance came;
Waited too long,
The moment gone;
As ever I am to blame.


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Please Note:  Over the next few weeks, whilst I am downsizing and moving house, I shall  hopefully be posting only two blogs each week, rather than my usual daily publication.  I hope to return to more frequent postings in a few weeks time.


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